Society can’t truly progress in absence of truth. I think that it is easy to avoid facts and circumstances when they evoke a sense of shame, however subtle it may be. But by creating terms that disconnect us from reality, we are failing to acknowledge something for what it is and will find ourselves running circles around an unresolved issue.

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Trans women are authentically women: psychologically, emotionally and socially. However, the presence of the Y chromosome in every single cell in their bodies reveals the DNA of a male. That Y chromosome in no way diminishes the right of trans women to live and to be respected as female. End of story- or at least it should be. The trans movement is not advanced by denying the irrefutable biology, or demonizing those who believe this to be true.

In many academic and corporate settings I would be shunned or fired for writing this, despite my conviction that my beliefs are fundamentally pro-trans.

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