Thanks Jim. I would add that a good career life includes knowing when and how to move on. I had 5 career roles in 4 different locations: teacher , High School Principal, Superintendent

of Schools, HOS and Executive Director. I left each with a lump in my throat, precious memories and life-long friendships.

5 years after leaving the HS Principal role, the school invited me back to serve as Graduation speaker. 28 years after I left the Superintendent role, the Board asked if I could serve as Interim while they searched for a permanent leader. They thought I was retired.

GCDS was the great joy and honor of my working life. However, after 24 years as a HOS (public and private) I responded to a recruitment call from CAIS. Although I was launched onto a new planet, I still feel very much a part of the GCDS family, welcomed back genuinely and with affection.

So I would add to your excellent post. Be thankful and gracious as you leave. If you ever have to climb down the ladder of success, you may want to have allies on the lower rungs.

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